Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Testing of ERP Applications

The Enterprise Resource Planning software integrates the applications such as sales, purchases, production, inventory, quality control, quality assurance, finance and so on into a single unit. The attributes of the ERP are used for sharing the data among the various departments. This makes more complex for testing ERP when compared to the standalone software programs.

Instructions for Testing ERP

Initially, Design your ERP Software testing by posting all business processes and the situations that can occur when utilizing the system. Make sure that test cases for every scenario is available or not and choose the business repetition for your ERP testing.

Conduct unit testing:

In this test case, each and every component is tested individually by verifying that, is it functioning as expected and understandable to end users.

Conduct integrating testing:

In the integrating testing, every transaction runs from one module to another module, as well as from one application to another application. The best thing in this integrating testing is, it performs well in verifying the system's work as a whole.

Conduct stress testing:

This testing makes sure the system can handle the large amount of transactions and also checks whether it can run multiple processes at the same time.

Conduct user acceptance testing:

When testing user acceptance, it is the last test required from system users to confirm that the system is working appropriately.

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