Tuesday, 25 February 2014

ERP Software Benefits:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) considers as a tool in every organization. This tool helps a company in many aspects like internal and external information management, purchases, sales inventory, finance, plant & maintenance and so on.
ERP involves all the departments in an organization and placed in one centralized unit. This software helps in combining all the departments into a one single unit, so that the communication becomes easier for each department for sharing the information effectively.

Now-a-days every organization establishing the software of ERP, Since it holding a very huge response in todays market. With the use of this ERP software, most of the organizations are getting benefited. The following are some of the benefits in today’s marketplace.

1. Accessing data with integrity:       

Different kinds of data can be accessed using this ERP software. Mainly people who all are searching for the important data from the other departments will reduce considerably. Data like sales, inventory, delivery of products, finance and etc can be known independently by all departments.

2. Reducing the time:

Time plays a very important role in the ERP system. To be honest, every organization saves much time by using this ERP. Here ERP reduces much time when compared to the manual system. On manual system each department will highly depend on pen and paper whereas by using this ERP software you would not find any data redundancy while accessing the data. So, in each department you will be saving much time.

3. Reducing Redundancy of data:

Redundancy of data means a repeated or duplication of data stored in a system. ERP Software System helps in reducing the redundancy of data. when an organization found any duplication of data, then they can change it easily by using the ERP system.

4. Loss in Inventory:

When an organization works on pen and paper based system, then it is a very big task for memorizing each and every item which is stored in inventory. By using this ERP software you can minimize the inventory loss. 2% to 0.5% inventory loss can be reduced by using this ERP system. With the help of this ERP software, an organization can track easily all the items individually.

5. CRM Benefits:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plays a vital and critical role in an organization. ERP offers better CRM by adding well planned customer services. ERP stores all the information of an organization, so that any data which is related to an organization can easily be provided to the customers.

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